Flappy Poxy Bats

Flappy Poxy Bats is a game where you are testing your hunting and survival skills as you try to save the world from disease. The main focus in the game is that you want to try and kill the viruses coming your way. There are tons of viruses to deal with, so you have to do all you can in order to eliminate viruses and keep everyone safe.

Tap to save the world

The Flappy Poxy Bats gameplay is very simple, all you must do is to tap the screen and eliminate viruses. It’s very easy to play, anyone can enjoy the game regardless of their age. That makes things fun and immersive, and you get to enjoy your time and just have fun for a change. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Enter an amazing obstacle course

You do need to use the sonar in order to kill the bats and save the world. The gameplay loop is very simple and intuitive, and you will find yourself enjoying the experience more and more. In the obstacle course you will constantly try to achieve the best results, while trying to eliminate bats and win the game.

Set the highest score

The way you score is via killing as many enemies as possible. The more enemies you kill, the higher the score that you have. That’s what makes the gameplay so good and immersive in the first place. You can easily use the tap and sonar skills to eliminate pylons and viruses as you see fit.

Battle Doctor X

You will need to battle many enemies until you get to play against Doctor X. That’s very important, because it will bring in a sense of fun and excitement into the mix. That’s what really makes the core gameplay interesting, and you will find yourself immersing into the process and experience more and more.


- Intense obstacle course

- Impressive survival adventure gameplay

- 3 virus killer stages

- Battle the Doctor X boss

- Set the highest score

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